“Collecting Shoes Is An Addiction”

08.22.12 5 years ago 10 Comments

Thrash Lab’s Subculture Club series highlights the wondrous world of sneaker collecting and the people who buy way more pairs than what’s considered normal. Thrash Lab labels them as “hard-core” sneaker collectors – which may be right when considered that eight of them combined have spent roughly $100 million on their combined collection. I wonder what that makes our friend Phillmatic, who has about 800 pairs by himself.

Not for nothing, here seems to be the best space to mention that myself and others chimed in for a piece over at The Sports Fan Journal regarding the Nike+ LeBron X and the reported $300+ pricepoint that had people going apeshit once Wall Street Journal and ESPN stirred the pot. Nike’s since been putting out fires with the general public but a wild guess says the people featured in the video above didn’t flinch when they heard the Nike+ retail price. It’s all in the game yo, word to Omar.

Always remember to wear you shoes. Rock’em, don’t stock’em.

Seen: Benny Gold via The Homey O.

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