Thanks To Complex Magazine, I’m Ready To Die

11.28.12 5 years ago 32 Comments

For years, I’ve silently wondered how many people would show up at my funeral. We never know how much we matter until we die and a good way to gauge our impact on the world would be to count the number of those present in the church pews at our homegoing. When I croak, I hope and pray that at least a handful of people show up besides the preacher, my family and, of course, my enemies, who will only be there to make sure I’m dead.

And then, there’s the question of what we want written in stone as our epitaph. The words we want the world to remember us by for eternity. Well, I no longer have that problem as Complex did the honors so eloquently in their article “30 Must-Follow Sneaker Writers And Bloggers On Twitter.”‘

Twitter: JohnGotty

“The Teflon Don might not have hooped in Nike+ but The Smoking Sections de facto boss is about that life. His contribution on everything relevant to our lives — and brutal honesty — makes him a must-follow on Twitter and you should probably add him to your notifications so you don’t miss anything, son.”

Brutal honesty, bitches.

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