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11.09.11 6 years ago 20 Comments

‘SNL,’ Andy Samberg Sued By Producers Over ‘Like A Boss’ [MTV]

The Rise and Stall of Pac Div [LA Weekly]

Aziz Ansari Bored On A Flight With Wi-Fi + Twitter = Awesome [Uproxx]

Judge Approves BofA’s $410M Overdraft Settlement [The Consumerist]

Alicia Keys’ Black Ball Raises $3 Million For Charity [Crunk & Disorderly]

Redman Talks ‘How High 2,’ ‘Blackout 3’ [Prefix]

Is Netflix Bouncing Back? [Motley Fool]

After Retirement, Yao Ming Returns To Class [Inside Hoops]

Sexy Ugly Girls Outshine Cute Chicks All The Time [Blogxilla]

Florida Governor Transforms Into ‘DJ Govvy Gov,’ the World’s Uncoolest DJ [Gawker]

“Modern Warfare 3”: The Best And The Worst Game Of The Year [Gamma Squad]

Oregon Tests Using iPad As A Voting Machine [All Things Digital]

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