Snoop & Daz’s “We’ll Miss You” Video Is The Perfect Tribute To Uncle June Bugg

04.09.14 4 years ago

Music is just what feelings sound like.

Coming from a person who misses the hell out of my uncle over 15 years later, Snoop and Daz’s “We’ll Miss You” tribute to their late Uncle June Bugg hit home in more ways than one. Death is the single chapter we all share in common. It’s unavoidable, and regardless of the mental preparation that goes into conditioning yourself for an elder loved one’s final breath, the end result still impacts with the force of a thousand bricks.

June Bugg always gave off the impression he wasn’t only the cool ass uncle in Snoop and Daz’s family. He appeared more like a legit lifeline the two leaned on; a second father, in fact. Even OG’s need OG’s. So in a sense, the two cousins released their “We’ll Miss You” visual not only to pay proper respects to the man who helped shape who they are today, but an escape route when inevitable times arise when all a person can do is shed tears.

I do it a few times a year taking trips down memory lane reminisicing on the times with my uncle. I imagine Snoop and Daz doing the same, too.

R.I.P. Uncle June Bugg.

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