Eddie Murphy’s Reggae Song With Snoop Lion Is Still Better Than ‘Pluto Nash’ At Least

06.28.13 5 years ago 8 Comments

eddie murphy snoop lion redlight

The Celtics are in shambles. The Lakers suck. LL Cool J is making “Accidental Racists” and Jesse Jackson wants us to embrace Paula Deen. Yup, the ’80s are dead.

And here to do the two-step on its grave is a du-rag-wearing Eddie Murphy who forms a not-so-“Perfect Combination” with Snoop Lion. Actually, if you get past the bizarre video and the fact that these two are making music at all together, then you’ll hear a cookie cutter tune that your kids will probably love.

All they need is Will Smith doing dumbbell curls to make the cypher complete.

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