Snoop Dogg – “Miss Everything” Video + Uncle June Bug Passes Away

03.21.14 4 years ago 13 Comments

An older, wiser, Snoop Dogg shares a few tales from his past travels in the reflective video for “Miss Everything.” Each verse is a brief story about a different woman, each beautiful enough to cause even a player like Snoop to lose his nerve. The storytelling is a nod to classic Snoop Dogg, and the track is smooth enough to make you ignore the fact that the D-O-double-G seems to be wearing an infant’s shirt in parts of the video.

On a sadder note, it appears that Snoop Dogg’s beloved Uncle Junebug reportedly passed away. We don’t have any details yet, but Snoop’s cousin and Dogg Pound member, Daz Dillinger posted a video on his Instagram feed earlier today indicating that he was going to see his Uncle Junebug “for the last time.”

Anybody that saw Uncle Junebug in Snoop’s videos or on social media could tell what a fun, charismatic, guy he was. If you could watch him to his trademark dance, lanky arms stretched out wide grooving to the music, and not smile, you might need to check your pulse. TSS offers condolences to Snoop, Daz, and the rest of Uncle Junebug’s family, friends, and fans. We’ll miss him. R.I.P.

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