Snoop Dogg Wants To Be A Vampire

10.21.09 8 years ago 12 Comments

During this red carpet video for what looks to be some-sort-of Latino MTV Awards show, a rather dapper Uncle Snoop Dogg addresses his infatuation with my favorite HBO brain-drainer True Blood. So much that the Doggfather even goes on record to ask the producers for a role in the show.

All I have to say is Snoop, I really like you music and all, but um…your movie Bones, well, I saw it in the theater back in the day and let’s just say it wasn’t quite Interview With The Vampire (or Lost Boys, for that matter). Don’t get it twisted with “Dogg Named Snoop” and “Ballad Of Snow White” the soundtrack was scary dope. But the flick itself…not so much. So, if somehow you do parlay your pimp hand into getting alongside fine-ass Sookie and her beautiful Sooksters, please don’t bring back Jimmy Bones ol’ creepy ass. Stick to a normal, more Martin-esque non-character role, and let the vampires do their thing dolo.

We wouldn’t want our vampire soap opera to get cheesy now, would we?

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