Snoop Lion Ft. Drake & Cori B – “No Guns Allowed” Video

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
04.03.13 11 Comments

When we first featured Snoop’s “No Guns Allowed,” we – and readers – were quick to note the song’s content showed that Snoop’s music is beginning to align with his transformation into a peaceful Lion. The newly released video for the track further drives home the point.

The song’s non-violence message comes to life in the video. Director Jessy Terrero uses the headlines fill out the story by flashing in newsreel clippings of the Trayvon Martin shooting, the Sandy Hook incident and other tragedies. For “No Guns,” Snoop’s goal is simple: “We’ve seen too much bloodshed involving guns and we want to prevent the next incident from happening. That’s what’s it all about, trying to bring awareness and push love and peace.”

Safe to say he’s accomplishing that and then some.

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