Snoop Lion Feat. Mavado & Popcaan – “Lighters Up”

12.11.12 5 years ago 16 Comments

We know what you’re thinking. ‘Ha ha ha! Snoop changed his name and all he does is smoke weed! He’s so ridiculous. He should just stop making music and get another reality show.’ Well, guess what you narrow-minded knuckleheads, this sh*t is fire. Carried by an extremely nice bass lick and triumphant horns that sound straight off Chronic 2001, this Caribbean killer is masterfully produced, giving the Snoop Lion experience the authenticity he’ll need to succeed in Reggae. Furthermore, this unfamiliar style the Doggfather has undertaken almost brings out the best in his inner-wordsmith, as the choppy and sing-song nature of the genre seems to highlight his prowess with paper.

That said, we’ll be crossing our fingers for a full Rastafied album from Snoop Lion, but only after our proposed R&B album from Snoopy Collins and Dam-Funk. That Snoop Dogg…he’s so versatile.

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