So Vladimir Putin Kind of Stole Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl Ring

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Robert Kraft Vladimir Putin Ring

Russian president Vladimir Putin gives zero–nul–f*cks. New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft found that out in 2005 during a meeting with Putin where the megalomaniac “stole” his Super Bowl ring.

At the recent Carnegie Hall’s Medal of Excellence gala at New York’s Waldorf-Astoria, Kraft told the story about the trip to St. Petersburg. The details surrounding the stealing are phenomenal, so let The New York Post fill you in on what went down.

Kraft explained the incident happened while Sandy Weill and other business execs were in St. Petersburg. ‘I took out the ring and showed it to [Putin], and he put it on and he goes, ‘I can kill someone with this ring,’” Kraft told the crowd at Carnegie Hall’s Medal of Excellence gala at the Waldorf-Astoria.“I put my hand out and he put it in his pocket, and three KGB guys got around him and walked out.

Understandably, Kraft was none too pleased that Putin walked off with his $25,000 piece of jewelery. He then asked the George W. Bush White House to intervene, but to no avail, as they told Kraft, “It would really be in the best interest of US-Soviet relations if you meant to give the ring as a present.” Reportedly, Kraft’s ring is now kept in the Kremlin Library.

At least Kraft has a funny rich-guy story to tell at galas and yacht parties from now on. Oh, and Putin now has a preferred killing mechanism to unleash on political opponents and Chechens. So win-win for both parties?

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