Why The Hell Did Solange Try To Fight Jay Z?

05.12.14 4 years ago 92 Comments

jay-z-solange-knowles-fight video

TMZ is Big Brother.

Last week, The Met Gala took place. For lack of a better description, the event is basically a fundraiser where celebrities throw on their nicest suits and dresses and talk about how rich and famous they are. In other words, a luxurious ass prom.

Until today, the funniest moment from the event was Carmelo Anthony giving Rihanna the “mannnn, I’m married, but…” face. Yet, the eye in the sky uncovered the golden nugget of all golden nuggets in terms of Grade A celebrity gossip. The video obtained by TMZ allegedly shows Solange yelling and laying hands (and feet!) on her brother-in-law Jay Z while her sister (Beyonce) plays the cut.

Alcohol was more than likely a determining factor in why Solange attempted to go full-fledged Mayweather on Jay. Tequila if an educated guess had to be made. But if there is a positive in all this, at least Hov didn’t haul off and mush her as the old Jay would’ve done years ago.

Also, I’ll say it again for emphasis. If TMZ can find chinks in the impenetrable armor of the Carter/Knowles administration and get an owner exiled from the NBA, Pac and Biggie’s murders would have definitely been solved had they been around in the ’90s.

Update #1: Now there’s an extended video with more back and forth and Jay and Beyonce getting a little heated, too. Aw man, this is going to occupy the whole day, huh?

Update #2: Let the memes begin. People are out here flourishing and have a great time with this on social media.

Update #3: Solange cleared her Instagram of any evidence of Beyonce. Meanwhile, the possible reasons for the fight are starting to emerge.

Update: In a counter move, Beyonce adds a bunch of pics of her and Solange to her IG page.

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