Sonny Vaccaro: Jay-Z Could Bring LeBron To New York

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It was only a month ago that the world was LeBron’s oyster. Poised to make a title run, then sit back & watch the NBA participate in the LeBron sweepstakes, there didn’t seem to be anything that could derail his train. But a funny thing happened on the way to NBA immortality: between a disappointing Conference Semi-Final loss to the Celtics & rumors involving his mother and teammate Delonte West, leaving Cleveland didn’t seem like such a bad idea for once. While Cleveland always appeared to be the logical destination for LeBron’s immediate & continued basketball success, these two events will probably have more to do with his decision than he’d publicly like to admit.

With so many friends (true or new) & advisers wanting a piece of LeBron’s ear for various reasons, there may be one voice that will have a greater influence than what seemed plausible at one time. None other than the “Mike Jordan of mic recordin’,” Jay-Z, according to New York Post reports citing Sonny Vaccaro, the legendary maverick behind many a 5-star basketball camp & high dollar sneaker deals.

Sonny Vaccaro, the Adidas sneaker king who has known LeBron James since James was in ninth grade, told The Post that Jay-Z could emerge as the biggest force in LeBron James’ decision on free agency.

Vaccaro said Jay-Z’s influence may even trump that of his top inner circle of childhood friend/business manager, Maverick Carter, notorious confidant William Wesley and agent Leon Rose. And Vaccaro says that bodes well for the Nets and Knicks. Jay-Z has a 1.5 percent piece of the Nets, but also is an occasional celebrity-row occupant at the Garden, with his wife Beyonce.

“I don’t think the Nets would be involved without Jay-Z,” Vaccaro told The Post. “LeBron and Jay-Z is something that is inseparable and you almost have to include that in the equation. I think he will be consulted. It’s a very good relationship. Jay-Z was LeBron before LeBron was LeBron. That’s the respect LeBron shows him.”

From Akron to Madison Square could become reality if Jay has it his way.

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