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08.25.14 3 years ago 9 Comments

Sony’s PlayStation Network Targeted In Attack [USA Today]

Dick Bavetta Retires After 2,635 Consecutive Games [Only A Game]

The Life And Death Of Karyn Washington [BuzzFeed]

College Football Is Ruining Education [New Republic]

Asking For Advice Makes You Seem Smarter [NY Mag]

The Story Behind the Converse Jack Purcell [size?]

The New Border Crisis Is The Old Border Crisis [First Look]

M.I.A. Reaches Settlement With NFL Over Super Bowl Middle Finger [HHW]

Everything You Need To Know About Suiting Accessories [Jack Threads]

She Quit Her Job, Took A Leap Of Faith. And Then Ferguson Erupted [STL Today]

Kids Playing with Lighter Start Fire That Destroys 800 Hawaiian Acres [Gawker]

Run the Jewels on the Tragedy in Ferguson and Racist Idiots [SPIN]

Darren Wilson’s First Job Was On A Troubled Police Force Disbanded By Authorities [WashPost]

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