Soul Track Mind Braces For The Worst In Best Way Possible On ‘Foolin’ Around’

07.31.14 4 years ago


When there’s something awry in a relationship, the reveal isn’t necessarily found in exclamation points. Most times, the dirt is in the details. Such is the theme of “Foolin’ Around,” the latest single from Soul Track Mind.

Dancing on the edge between hesitant and demanding, this invigorating dose of soul rock fusion finds the band’s scorned lead singer Donovan Keith unveiling the curtain on his lady’s sins, pleading via strained, yet traditionally sound vocals that escalate in emotion as the tracks persists. By the end, Keith’s fed up and his band backs him up with ample attitude.

Whether STM gets their relationship woes under wraps or not, we’ll be happy to hear them spill the beans either way when their Unbreakable album drops this later this year.

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