Soulja Boy Arrested For Weed, Releases Movie All In One Day

10.18.11 6 years ago 14 Comments

Soulja Boy continues to make the headlines for everything except music after being arrested and charged with weed and weapons charges. The rapper and his crew were traveling in a rented Escalade when they were pulled over in the early hours of today, October 18th in Temple, Ga. What reportedly started as a routine traffic violation, escalated to a search by police that turned up a “substantial amount” of dope – five ounces – and at least one gun. Officers also found a puppy in the car, which they released to the driver’s relatives. Rappers go to jail, puppies go home.

Coincidentally, today’s also the DVD release Soulja Boy The Movie, a film that “focuses on the many fascinating and fractious facets of DeAndre Cortez Way, otherwise known worldwide as Soulja Boy Tell Em.” Yep, there’s a press release with those words used to describe the film.

Surely there’s a Boy Scout troop that could take this kid in and help steer his life. If not that, maybe an old rapper could sign on as his life coach to help keep him out of trouble. Otherwise, DeAndre’s fame is going the wrong way down the path of infamy.

Update: Fear not, Soulja Boy has been freed. Read the update here.


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