The Greatest Hip-Hop Collaboration Of All Time?

05.27.10 7 years ago 62 Comments

I received an email today from a fellow journalist that said I’m squandering my father’s Civil Rights legacy by writing about inconsequential subjects. Apparently, Hip-Hop and the things covered here on TSS would not make Daddy D. proud. (They do. He told me so.)

And to that, I say this:

Skinny jeans nigga and I comes with the chopper/ b#tches on my d#ck cuz I looks like they father.”

Soulja Boy brought in our good friend Lil’ B to wax poetic for a new-age version of “Brooklyn’s Finest.” And in case you didn’t get enough awesome sauce in your ear, Waka of Flocksly stops by to add his unique brand of great on the hook. The track is called “All I Know,” which has to be inaccurate, as their brilliance and wisdom should last far longer than a three-minute song.

Waka? Soulja? Basehead Da God? It’s like herpes dipped in battery acid with AIDS garnish drizzled on top. Yum.

Soulja Boy Feat. Waka Flocka Flame and Lil’ B – All I Know

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