Soulja Boy – “Weed And Shoes” Video

03.30.11 7 years ago 22 Comments

More songs about marijuana and money? You bet!

What’s there to be said about Soulja Boy that hasn’t already been documented? Nothing probably, but if fading into obscurity is his only option from here on out, the one-time megastar is refusing to take his L without a fight. To be quite honest, I cannot tell you the last time I sat and listened to buddy, so hearing he released a new mixtape two weeks ago was a complete surprise. Ironically entitled 1Up, maybe this a new chapter in once fruitful career or another train wreck waiting to happen.

Where he once thrived in dance tracks (his best fit, in my opinion), then shifted towards his affiliation with Gucci Mane and then Lil B, the new visual for the second track from said mixtape, “Weed And Shoes,” sees a still-young DeAndre continuing to bask in his wealth. He hasn’t gone broke from the countless chains he’s invested in and appears content with smoking weed and buying shoes. Wouldn’t we all though? This lifestyle likely will not last until he’s 50, but at this point living for the day is his main priority. The song itself is not rich in insightful lyrics, yet it does showcase Soulja attempting to improve on his actual song-making abilities. All in all, it’s not a bad outing from everyone’s most hated rapper, but most will despise it anyway even though they willingly clicked the link.

On a more serious note though, condolences go out to the SODMG HNIC for the recent passing of his younger half-brother who was killed during a car crash.

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