Sound Breakdown: Daz Dillinger On “Let’s Play House”

04.21.14 4 years ago 36 Comments

tha dogg pound let's play house

It’s no doubt that Daz is good ass producer. When your legend involves you ghost producing for a god like Dr. Dre during his peak, it’s safe to say your legacy is pretty solid. Rumors aside, the man named Dillinger’s official catalog is nothing to sneeze at.

With his knack for the G-Funk, his beats tend to be bouncy and melodic with heavy instrumental emphasis. This was especially evident on “Let’s Play House”.

The upbeat tempo in this cut was the staple for the West Coast party scene that birthed G-Funk in the early ’90s. Daz loves pianos, proved with the catchy chords carrying the whole song. The soulful bass line sounds like it was sampled right out of something by Funkadelic or Parliament.

And probably the most memorable element is the sine wave synthesizer that’s become a signature for Daz and G-Funk alike. Michel’le handles the melody herself towards the end, adding the soul touch. The definition of a West Coast classic.

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