Sound Breakdown: DJ Paul & Juicy J’s “Cheese and Dope”

04.04.14 4 years ago 20 Comments

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2001 saw DJ Paul & Juicy J busier than they’d ever been. The pre-trap production that the Three 6 Mafia duo had been cooking up showed who were the real kings of crunk. Hypnotize Mindz was on the verge, and Mista Don’t Play: Everythangs Workin superseded the movement.

The front-to-back tracks on MDP were as Memphis as you were gonna get in the time. Simple but the effective, the beats on this classic seemed to elevate your blood pressure and get you on your feet; especially evident on “Cheese and Dope”.

The song hits the ground running with the hyperactive hi hats and Project Pat jumping the gun on the beat. Needless to say, Pat flows with his 10 coke commandments, never taking a breath. But if you listen deeper, how could he with this murderous beat on his ass? Though, not as haunting as Paul & Juicy’s Shining sample on the nightmarish “Red Rum”, this “Cheese and Dope” has menacing violins and a damning piano. And when the “North Memphis” chat starts, you know a fight is about to start.

You thought drill rap was intense? This is a part of where it all began.

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