Soundtracks To Summer – Ray Cash’s ‘Cash On Delivery’

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Like AJ, the summer of 2006 was one for the books. Dorm life was a thing of the past as I had just moved into my first apartment, a studio about 10 minutes from campus. Money accumulated from working two gigs that summer allowed me to coast well into the fall. And the best part about it? There was no longer a need to sneak girls past the front desk or go off campus to smoke.

Ray Cash’s Cash On Delivery played an exceptional supporting role all summer. In all fairness, there were bigger albums from more acclaimed artists at time (T.I.’s King, Ghostface’s Fishscale, Wayne’s Dedication 2), but Cash’s project – for lack of a better description – just “felt like summer.” C.O.D. blended lyricism with the need for trunk-obsessed tunes in what resulted in more than a handful of tracks that have gone on to live longer than Cash’s brief time in the spotlight.

There’s memories plastered throughout, too.

“Sex Appeal (Pimp In My Mind)” was the perfect song to hit the car wash with blasting out of whatever speakers your whip was blessed with – factory or three 12’s (factory, in my case). “Pussy Ass Niggas” with Bun B was a must-listen because this was around the time Chad’s partner-in-rhyme was toe-tagging every feature in sight.

Meanwhile, “Better Way” featuring Beanie Sigel never held more significance than one random trip to see an incarcerated friend. And of course, “Bumpin’ My Music” with Scarface (and the remix with Tip, Pimp C and Project Pat) was all the reason needed to scare the piss out of any Generation X’er who had the balls to pull alongside you, me or anybody our age at a stop light with their windows rolled down.

C.O.D. wasn’t a five cig LP by any stretch of the imagination. Missteps were had and some sequencing issues are still impossible to ignore. In recent years, too, it has become somewhat unsettling that he and Chris Broussard could pass as first cousins. It was, nonetheless, under-appreciated because the album never received the praise I thought it deserved then and fails to now in the present. That said, Ray’s debut was everything and then some a 20-year-old Tins needed to smoke out his brand new apartment while wondering what the hell the final two years of college had in store.

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