South By Southwest Airlines

03.20.09 9 years ago 16 Comments

Another excuse to remind you to go to our showcase with Nah Right today at SxSW.

This shit right here is a classic example of undue YouTube attention. When I read the title of this as “Flight Attendant Doing Raps!” I prayed for another Red at HVW8. “Doing raps” should have told me otherwise. What I got was this 1984 P.S.A.-sounding em-eff — lines like “Be-fore you leave, our advice is/ put away your e-lec-tronic devices.”

Dudes in front look like “Man listen… I just wrapped up a three day business meeting and I’m on this red eye to get back to my cold and embittered wife, who stopped giving me blow jobs three months into our marriage. You want me to do what now? Clap so you can rap about soft drinks?”

In fact, I’m fairly certainly when my man asks if they’ll do it, someone shouts “no.”

Ah well. 15 minutes for everyone on ze ‘Tube.

Come to Peckerheads (pause) today for a Grand Ole Party!

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