All Of South Carolina’s Best Rappers Are In Prison

03.19.14 3 years ago • 14 Comments

I half expected to see Alpoko Don aka Don Dada pop up in the frame and do a verse.

“A video posted Monday on claims to be the first music video in a prison. While that distinction actually goes to the late Johnny Cash, this particular video has a twist: It appears to have been filmed and performed entirely by South Carolina inmates. So far, it has been watched more than 430,000 times.

“Early in the video, one inmate’s back faces the camera, showing the letters SCDC printed on his shirt — as in S.C. Department of Corrections.

“S.C. Department of Corrections officials could not be reached for comment, but a spokesperson told WIS in Columbia that officials had identified some of the inmates and were working to identify the rest.” [Charleston City Paper]

The last time I saw rappers filming a video in jail, it was Slumerican’s Struggle. But he did his in the county and supposedly with permission from jail officials.

These South Carolina prison inmates one-upped Strugg by allegedly doing their rap shit without anybody’s consent. What’s worse isn’t that they look like they shot this on a cell phone, because cell phones on the in prison are about as common as they are outside of jail walls. Nah, this group of jailbirds weren’t sneaking or trying to be lowkey at all. They were loud like they were in out in these skreets.

Some deaf C.O. is currently filling out dismissal papers and checking the classifieds for a new gig.

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