Saturday Matinee – ‘South Central’

06.15.13 4 years ago 9 Comments

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Here are two things which may or may not be widely known in regards to the 1992 film, South Central.

1. It was based around the Donald Bakeer’s 1987 book, Crips. Hence the reason for the gang being known as the Hoover Street Deuces.

2. The film received rave reviews from New Yorker Magazine calling the movie one of ’92’s best independent films.

South Central often doesn’t receive the praise it deserves amongst ’90s classic hood flicks in the ilk of Boyz In The Hood, Juice or Menace II Society. Yet, OG Bobby Johnson is hood legend in his own right, capable of being mentioned alongside the likes of Doughboy, O-Dog, Caine, Q and Bishop.

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