SpaceghostPurrp Severs Ties With A$AP Mob

06.23.12 6 years ago 11 Comments

It appears that the partnership between SpaceghostPurrp and the A$AP Mob has ended–and in quarrelsome fashion. Gauging by various reports, Rocky’s comrade A$AP Twelvy jumped Space’s Raider Klan partner Matt Stoops recently, prompting the Miami MC-producer and friends to launch a series of nasty tweets. Among the threats made via the social networking site are marks on peoples’ heads and Raider Klan accusations that Rocky stole song and aesthetic ideas.

Fans of both parties may hope the riff’s small enough to be repaired. However, Mostly Junk Food has compiled a lengthy list of tweets that speaks of this being a more serious break-up. As well, a video posted one day ago (and now removed) featured SGP and the Klan with a few disparaging words for Rocky and co.

In a way, it’s not surprising. Rocky’s product has changed considerably over the past two years, whether Spaceghost’s sound be the Harlem MC’s conclusive catalyst or not. And there’s bound to be acrimony when two distinctive camps partner, as the numerous Roc-A-Fella camps of yesteryear can attest.

Granted, the violent promises could (and probably are) all be hot air, but don’t expect anymore business between Raider Klan, Rocky and A$AP Mob anytime soon. Not that it really matters. Rocky’s recent notoriety and moves with Hit-Boy show that his music will continue to metastasize without Spaceghost’s slurred sound.


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