“Speedin'”- 7 Cars And 7 Songs For A Car Chase

02.04.09 9 years ago 25 Comments

My whole life, I’ve been a car fanatic.

When I was young, I would skim through magazines and dream, salivating. Now, I read the forums, argue the stats and gawk online. But in my lifetime, I’ve also been fortunate enough to go to the car shows and even test drive things I can’t afford.

In terms of interests, cars come third only to Hip-Hop and Nikes.

So in light of my recent misadventures with the police, my boy G.W hit me up on Twitter and asked “hypothetically,” what it would take for me to race the cops. I replied “A top 7 car and some good music.”

He asked me to specify, so here’s the current list*.

2008 Mazda Furai + Kanye Kanye West – “Gone”

Fam, this car is sex. I ran into this vehicle at the last car show I went to and was awed. If there was ever a car I would love to be caught doing over 200mph in, it would be this one. Why? Just so that I can explain what the Hell it is that I’m driving. But with the engine in it, I’d break the sound barrier before I got caught.

Plus the guys who designed it were on some intense Japanese hybrid crack.

2007 Koenigsegg CCXR Edition + Ghostface – “The Champ”

The world record for the highest speeding ticket ever issued went to a Koengsegg CCR that was clocked doing about 242mph in a 75mph. The Swede engineers behind the CCR were not impressed, so they revamped that beast, twice, to create this. What I want to know, is how police intend on stopping a car that can clock over 250mph on a normal road.

2004 Chrysler ME Four-Twelve Concept + The Lonely Island – “Jizz In My Pants”

I had dreams about this when it first came out. 0-60 in 2.9seconds is mind boggling enough, but the first time I saw one of these in person, Christina Milian was in it….and it actually took me a while to notice. Seriously. It’s all about the song choice on this one.

2009 Aston Martin One-77 + Jay-Z – “My Way”

They are only going to make seventy-seven of these vehicular juggernauts. Meaning, if you had one, and you got caught speeding, you would be the dweeb with the supercar that everyone wants, that couldn’t get away from some Police Issue Chrysler 300. Never that. Drive this muff hucker into the ocean before letting some pig put hooves on it.

2007 Brabus Bullit + Twista – “Kill Us All”

The Devil must have one of these in his garage. Brabus took what was already a very dangerous, very powerful small Mercedes and sharpened it’s edges, tuned it’s engine and made it scary. This car is like the bastard child of an F-22, Optimus Prime and a gun.

2008 GT by CITROËN + Nas – “Make The World Go Round”

Truthfully, this is another car that I would drive with the sole purpose of hearing what the officer would say when he/she radios it in. “Breaker, I just clocked an…ehm…unidentified spaceship-looking-thing-a-ma-doodle doing 233 in a 55. Requesting back-up. Over.”

Besides, how much would it suck for cops to admit that a French car outdid them on the road?

Very much, is the correct answer.

2007 Bugatti 16/4 Veyron Pur Sang + Rakim “Follow The Leader”

I’m sure at least one of you has seen the video of the Bugatti 16/4 clocking 253mph(407kmph). And that was the stock version. The above pictured is a tuner. I could care less if people think it’s ugly. I’d like for someone to start doing aesthetic appreciation once this car outruns several police cars in reverse. If Jesus came back, and he decided he didn’t want to walk, this would be the car he would drive over water. It’s that serious.

*Disclaimer: This list changes by the day and is never in any particular order.

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