Spending All-Star Weekend With Crown Royal And The #ReignOn Movement

02.20.13 5 years ago 3 Comments

Remember that Nascar Brickyard 400 race Crown Royal sent us to back in the summer? Remember how myself, Chris from Man Jr., and Nick from Strait Pinkie won the weekend scavenger hunt as part of Team Win? Well, all of that totally happened. And as part of our prize for winning that scavenger hunt, Crown Royal sent us to All-Star Weekend in Houston, including sweet tickets to the game. Not only did they do that, they also invited us to the Crown Royal Reign On Party where we got to meet Terrence J, 9th Wonder and Julius Erving.

Let that marinate.

Dr. Freaking J. I met him. Here’s how it went down.

Crown Royal is highlighting a new movement called “Reign On” where everyone is encouraged to seize the moment in spectacular fashion. At one point in the night, Dr. J grabbed the mic to discuss his “Reign On” moment and the story was pretty boss.

He explained that he was an alternate for the US Olympic team while he was in college. He eventually made the team, and while there, heard all the other players talking about how much money they would make when they made it to the league. Up until that point, Erving had just seen basketball as an extracurricular activity to do while getting through school. But when he saw that these guys were making money, and he was markedly better than them in every way, shape and form (he led the team in scoring and rebounding), he decided to go ahead and try out this professional basketball thing. Pretty neat story from the good Doctor.

Meeting Dr. J was just one of those moments where I was damn near speechless. He just exudes so much swagger and class that it felt like he could still go out on the court and drop 35 if he wanted.

The entire weekend was a blast and the good folks at Taylor and Crown Royal once again treated us like royalty the whole time. But most importantly, I’ve gained some great friends through this whole process. The best parts of the weekend were just having a few drinks and hanging out with Chris, Nick, Zack and the rest of the Taylor Gang.

Looking forward to the next event and All-Star Weekend in New Orleans next year.

Here’s one of the cool Crown Royal “Reign On” spots you’ll be seeing in the near future.

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