Twitter Absolutely Roasts Spike Lee Over ‘Chi-Raq’ And More During #AskSpike Q&A

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12.02.15 10 Comments
Spike Lee

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The year 2015 should be the last year that we as a society should have to endure Twitter #Ask sessions with celebrities. And, celebrities should be concerned when a manager, publicist or media outlet asks them to participate in the Q&A via social media. Anyone who encourages a big name personality to get involved with these things is clearly out to sabotage a career.

Spike Lee’s the latest victim of a public dragging via Twitter when he was the guest of honor for #AskSpike on Wednesday. The whole thing barely got off the ground before it was brought to a halt with host The Root claiming there were “technical difficulties.” Things went left quickly as Twitter users started hammering the director over his controversial new film Chi-Raq, which has been maligned for its portrayals of…everything associated with it, a lot of angry messages associated with his recent comments regarding rape, and a lot of complaints about lackluster films he’s done in recent years. People were literally waiting for this moment of reckoning.

So, no matter how bad your day is going, I’m willing to bet Spike’s going much worse.

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