#TBT: St. Ides Commercials, The Mixtape

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St. Ides Commercials Mixtape

“Just hit the corner store, you know what I’m looking forrrr…”

I stumbled across collection of St. Ides commercials circa ’94 compiled together as a mixtape when we were working on the Nate Dogg Primer a couple of weeks ago. Ever since, I’ve managed to go over to DatPiff a few times per week to hit play and zone out. Writing on them today seems good since it’s slow and it is Throwback Thursday.

The St. Ides marketing exec. behind the idea had to be a brilliant mind. There are 36 total cuts and the range of artists is pretty much amazing. Tupac, Nate and Snoop are featured alongside Jay Z, Wu-Tang and Biggie. The actual commercials are all compiled on one neat YouTube playlist but simply listening to them may be better. All these different artists tasks with rapping about malt liquor and everybody manages to create not just a song for a check but a song that compliments their musical style – their personal lifestyle, maybe not so much – while still serving the purpose. Which is to get a check, of course.

Press play and pour out a little liquor.

St. Ides Commercials Tracklist*:

1.Snoop Nate N Tha LBC
2.Warren G Sippin On Tha Brew
3.Nate Dogg Party Goin On
4.2pac Snoop Thug Passion
5.Ice Cube We Dont Want No 8 Ball
6.King Tees Beer Stand
7.Geto Boyz My Malts Playin Tricks On Me
8.DJ Pooh Dreamin St Ides
9.Ice Cube ST Crooked IDES
10.Biggie Special St Ides Commercial
11.Jay Z St Ides Commercial
12.MC Eight Tha Brew Took Me Unda
13.Scarface Dont Drink Drive
14.Snoop Dogg Dogg Food And Drank
15.Dr Dre St Ides Special Commercial
16.Ice Cube Crooked I For All Ages
17.King Tee I Drink St Ides
18.Ice Cube Geto Boyz 5th WardSouth Central Mal
19.King Tee Tha Bomb Malt Liquor
20.EPMD Ice Cube East Meets West Malt Liquor
21.EPMD Ice Cube Blind Fold Test
22.Ice Cube Jackin For Malt Liquor
23.King Tee 40oz Fit For A King
24.Ice Cube Wish Theyd Come Up With A 12 Pack
25.DJ Pooh King Tee Do Ya Like St Ides
26.Ice Cube Put It In Your Egg Nog
27.Wu Tang Shaolin Brew
28.Eric Sermon 40oz Or A Can
29.King Tee Do You Wanna Go To The Liquor Store
30.Eric B Rakim Real Men Drink
31.Rakim Get Some
32.Yo Yo You Need A Six Pack
33.Kool G Rap Get A Grip Take A Sip
34.Yo Yo Femalt Liquor
35.King Tee Lets Have Some St Ides
36.Bonus Brown Liquor

* — I can’t confirm the song titles to be accurate, only the artists featured on each track.

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