Stalley Discusses Debut Album On “106 & Park”

08.30.12 5 years ago 9 Comments

Sporting his signature Cleveland Indians fitted, MMGer Stalley dropped through BET’s 106 & Park Wednesday night. The following three minute interview discusses working with fellow Maybach employees, his thoughts on collaborations and his debut studio album. Softball questions were plentiful but, up until this point, details on his inevitable studio album have been limited. We can’t complain.

When asked about the project, Stalley shared that he planned on “amplifying the sound [and] making it bigger.” Let’s hope that “amplified” and “bigger” aren’t signs for a money grab. Stalley, recognizable to the mainstream for his unique appearance more than anything else, is quietly batting 1.000 over the past two years. Lincoln Way Nights was one of 2011’s best and Savage Journey To The American Dream grows better by the spin. Hitching his wagon to an MMG-branded horse was a great way to get his name out there but, considering how severely Wale compromised his go-go style for the fame, it’s reasonable to worry that Stalley wanders down the same green-tinted rout.

The 330 representer’s plight is reminiscent of so many other emcees slapped with the ‘intelligent’ label. Kendrick Lamar seems to be doing rather well for himself of late. Lupe Fiasco did his thing for years (well before Lasers). Here’s hoping Stalley can follow the rout of his similar-styled peers, variation in style or otherwise.

As a bonus, check this ‘Peotrin Hill Peonis’ remix, courtesy of Harry Fraud. Halfway to haunting, the vibe is a complete change-up from the original, which was one of Savage Journey‘s many highlights.

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