Stalley Reunites With Producer Rashad For New Album

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08.25.14 13 Comments

Stalley Rashad Ohio Album

Here’s a welcome reunion that’s been a long time coming. In February 2011, Stalley released Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music), the project that propelled him to recognition. ITM was built on Stalley’s gifted way with words and a foundation of melodic, bass-driven sounds crafted by producer Rashad. As Stall phrases it in the clip below, “It was one of those things that set the bar for the culture.”

What may sound like a reach really isn’t if you consider how many one artist, one producer projects exist these days. Disagree as other may, but the sealed approach is part of what made YG’s MKL such a strong listen. There was a cohesiveness between him and DJ Mustard that may not have manifested if anyone else were involved.

Time has passed since the release of ITM though. Both Stalley and Rashad have gone on to eventually follow their respective paths. But, the fan in me has always felt they were better together than separate.

Finally, we’re going to get that. To hear and see them working in tandem as Stalley’s set to release his debut album, Ohio. Appropriately titled, as Rashad declares, “The basis would definitely be Ohio, our upbringing…I don’t think there’s been a lot of clear representation of where we come from.”

That’s true because there hasn’t been as clear a sight and sound since 2009. We’re overdue to have it happen again.

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