Stalley – Savage Journey To The American Dream

03.30.12 6 years ago 24 Comments

What a difference one year makes. And even though Stalley has has come so far and gained so much in one year, he still has things things to prove, questions to be answered. Will signing to MMG influence or change his music? Can he make a masterpiece that rivals Intelligent Trunk Music? And what better way to respond to the doubters than by letting his newest project, Savage Journey to the American Dream, do the talking for him?

Behind the boards, the Block Beattaz handle the bulk of the beats while Chad Hugo, Soundtrakk, and Chuck Inglish come in for a few tracks. MMG is indeed featured on a couple tracks, but can each hold their own lyrically, so don’t expect them to bring Stalley down, or make him do something outside of his comfort zone. Think of it more as if he invited them to Massillon and they’re just there to back their man up in the background, without hogging the spotlight. And as for the masterpiece question, well, pop the tape in the dec, sit shotgun with Stalley and take your own Savage Journey… That last question ultimately one you’ll decide for yourself.

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