For Nashville’s STAN, The ‘Wait…’ Is Almost Over

05.29.16 2 years ago

“I quit my job, so I don’t have to worry about being late to work”

Patience is a virtue but sitting back hoping the stars align for fate to bestow its blessing usually isn’t. Life is for the takers and STAN wants to count himself among that number. As he readies his debut project, he’s released an early single, “Wait…,” as an omen of what’s to come. And what’s coming is what many around STAN have been patiently anticipating: the arrival of one Music City’s most capable MCs and entertaining personalities. After blessing numerous stages and openmics, he’s finally ready to release The Calm and the first track is anything but as he pours his unfiltered all into it.

“Your life ain’t shit if you ain’t living with a purpose
Determined to find myself, I ain’t perfect
I’m up so late that it’s early
Chasing my dreams with the bourbon
Lord knows my heart and it’s hurtin’
A scar is a scab on the surface
What’s buried underneath is a person
That give you everything even when you don’t deserve it”

His lyrics reveal a lot of what was going on beneath the surface as people began to grow impatient with what appeared to be his reluctance to release a body of work that people could hold in their hands and enjoy at their own leisure and pleasure. According to STAN, he wasn’t hesitant at all. In fact, the daily grind of earning a living combined with the need to get his business affairs in order were the main hindrances.

“What inspired the first part of ‘Wait’ was me feeling complacent with my job and the fact I’ve been done with The Calm, the project dropping in the fall, for a while now,” he said via email. “Feeling judged by my peers because I’ve refused to drop any music without having the proper paperwork and taking care of my visuals. It’s taking longer than expected because of my job. And my peers feel I’m making excuses. But now we own publishing and the label.”

“I’m just letting people know that this is what I truly love to do and great things take time and you gotta wait for it,” he continued. “Also, with the second part of wait I’m speaking to all the negative shit I’ve seen via social media from some local artists — they know who they are — just hating their position and what we’ve accomplish with the lil work we’ve done.”

With the pieces starting the shift into place, STAN’s ready to make his move to the forefront of Nashville’s burgeoning rap scene. It’s one sustained by the artists who have helped grow it by supporting one another, pushing each other to create their best work, whether those songs made it to projects or were only heard live by crowds who caught artists like STAN, his brother Petty, Sofa Brown, and more at different venues across town.

With that groundswell following in place, The Calm will be received with open arms. The project won’t be a solo win for STAN. He hopes it serves as an example of what patience and persistence can do. “What people can take from this record is do you and everything else will fall into place. Work hard while others pay you no mind!”

Listen to “Wait…” below.

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