Starlito & Don Trip Ft. Kevin Gates – “Leash On Life” Video (Director’s Edition)

10.11.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

Leash On Life Artwork

Please pay attention. Starlito and Don Trip are cooking up something truly, truly special with Stepbrothers Two. Having already piqued interest and established some sort of momentum with “Caesar & Brutus,” the follow up with “Leash On Life” depicts another true to life narrative.*

Everyone has a story. In this case, Lito and Trip play the back while shedding light on a young kid whose troubles at home are only compounded by the never-ending torment received at school. The truth serum hits harder than a shot of Hennessy and should paint a familiar, yet vivid picture given recent tragedies in America. Because, just like everyone, everything has a story, too.

I love and applaud the fact Trip and Lito are producing well-organized and precise videos. My only hope is that people are actually paying attention.

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* – The fact Kevin Gates doesn’t appear in the video makes his hook sound even more haunting.

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