Starlito – Insomnia Addict Mixtape

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12.17.13 7 Comments

starlito insomnia addict

An unexpected new tape from the Grind Hard camp, all because Lito can’t catch any shut-eye? Who’s complaining?

The ten-track, concept-driven project release follows the mind of someone up between 4 and 6 AM because they can’t catch any zzz’s.

For those keeping count at home, Star put out two projects in November – Fried Turkey and Stepbrothers 2 – and now one in December, plus an album with Kevin Gates which appears to be ready and all of that’s on top of a strong, steady 2013 campaign as a whole. That’s also not to mention he’s ready to lend out his pen to any rappers needing his help.

Call me selfish, but I hope he never decides to take a rest.

DownloadStarlito – Insomnia Addict Mixtape

Correction: Stepbrothers 2 actually released in October, not November.

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