Starlito’s Most Definitely Got “Ho’ Problems”

01.04.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

“The b*tch get on my nerves, make me sick, I tell you what, if you go home, I’ll pay yo’ rent.”

Without a doubt, Starlito would’ve had a starting spot on most listeners’ playlists had he been born a few years earlier than whatever his current age is. His well-meaning, completely misogynistic track “Ho’ Problems” would’ve have fit nicely in same era when Eazy-E was transporting ladies in his “Automobile” and Todd Shaw was cranking out tunes complete with the echoing use of the word “b*tch.” Today, Hip-Hop honeys get reality shows so obviously belittling wouldn’t work since I’d guess they make more than the average rapper. Even though time isn’t rightly on his side, Star still finds success on “Ho’ Problems” by using his ability to poetically trash the concept of relationships and trifling skeezers over the rolling thunder of Lil Keis production.

Lito’s dropping a Ho Problems EP next Tuesday, January 10th. Hoes should seek refuge inside and not be caught slippin’ on said date.


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