Start Your Engines: TSS Does Nascar This Weekend

07.27.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

TSS has been around for a long time now, offering thousands of posts covering everything from rap to cinnamon rolls. But it’s pretty safe to say that we haven’t written more than three articles about NASCAR. So when I was approached by our good friends at Crown Royal to head to Indianapolis this weekend to partake in the Brickyard 400, I was a little confused. Did they get the wrong email? What’s going on? What can I offer to anyone about NASCAR and country music?

Soon, though, I was informed that this was much bigger than just a race.

Crown Royal runs an annual “Your Hero’s Name Here 400” event every year for the Brickyard where they honor heroes that make a difference in their community. Now, on top of being invited to a new experience in a city I’ve never been, I’m honored to meet this year’s winner, Curtiss Shaver. Peep his story:

When local firefighters saved Troy native Curtiss Shaver’s life during a tragic farming accident, Shaver knew he’d found his calling. Though the accident claimed the lower part of his left leg, Shaver persevered and began a lifelong career as a firefighter and certified EMT with the goal of giving back to his community.

He was able to not only get the race named after him, but he was allowed to put some bricks from the Brickyard in his hometown of Troy, Ala.

As part of the weekend, I’ll be teaming up with a few other Internet personalities as part of a scavenger hunt to win a few prizes and money for charity. So stay tuned here at TSS and follow me at @DaviddTSS so you can help my team win, guide me through all the chaos I hear about NASCAR events and suggest some of the best hangout in Indy.

Overall, this weekend is going to be a hell of an adventure that I can’t wait to be a part of. I’ll be back early next week to tell you guys all about the insanity.

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