Stephen A. Smith Is Doubling Down On His Stance On Domestic Violence And…Yikes

07.25.14 4 years ago 132 Comments

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So, where do we start? This morning, Stephen A. Smith pontificated on the state of domestic violence in light of the recent Ray Rice travesty. The rant, in which he admonished women to take more “preventative measures” in the face of domestic violence has lead to a hailstorm of outrage. Here’s the video.

One such person who wasn’t too pleased is ESPN colleague Michelle Beadle, who delivered her impassioned response.

michele beadle 1

michele beadle 2

michele beadle 3

michele beadle 4


This in turn caused Stephen A. Smith to give a YMCMB apology by saying “sorry you didn’t understand me, your bad.” It’s…not going well. Twitter is having a fit and this seems to only make Smith look worse in the court of public opinion. There are always two sides, but maybe Smith should sit the next few plays out because not too many people are seeing his side of the story. Meanwhile Nelly is on standby waiting for the call to be the permanent First Take co-star.

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