NBA Fast Break: Stephen Curry’s Game-Winner Buries Dallas, Nick Young Drops A 40-Piece

04.02.14 4 years ago 8 Comments

Dallas went from in the playoffs to peering on the outside looking in in the span of 20 seconds.

Tied at 120 in overtime in what was Tuesday night’s most entertaining game, Monta Ellis had a chance to put the Mavs ahead for good. A give-and-go with Dirk found Monta with a drive to the basket. Now here’s where things get tricky. Golden State fans believe Jermaine O’Neal’s block was on the way up while Mavs fans were convinced it was a goal tend.

Never mind a classic Dirk (33 and 11) and Monta (27-5-5) collaboration. Dallas screwed up by not only allowing Steph Curry (23 and 10 dimes) to touch the ball with the game on the line. They didn’t even trap him to get the rock out of his hands. The end result was Curry’s second game winner against Dallas this season.

As for the standings, Dallas now sits a half-game behind Phoenix for the eighth seed. If the playoffs started today, the Warriors would be gearing up for a first-round heavyweight brawl with their BFF’s, the Clippers. Pencil me in for seven games of that. Yes, please.


— Yes, LaMarcus Aldridge (31-15-6) and Damian Lillard (34 and eight dimes) were absolutely ridiculous in Staples Center last night in Portland’s 124-112 victory. And yes, Lillard got up close and personal with Chris Kaman. But what we’re all here for is one man, one legend and one icon only – Nick Young.

— A week after producing an all-time legendary .gif, Nick Young reached heights of swagnificence rarely unleashed on the public with a near career-high of 40 points (and one assist). In an otherwise horrific Lakers season – maybe this is the Wizards apologist coming out – seeing Swaggy P in many ways become a household name this year has been fun. He deserves a beer named after him in Staples.

— Take the good with the bad, but Swaggy’s never been a horrible guy. Defensive stalwart? Shut up. Questionable shot selection? Hell yeah, but still one funnier players in the league who can go for 40 on any given night. On the right title contender, with the right mix guys and coming off the bench, Swaggy’s an asset. I’ll keep telling myself that, at least.

— Long live the Misfit Wiz Kids Gilbert Arenas, Andray Blatche, JaVale McGee and Nick Young. Your unintentional comedy will never be forgotten.

— So, Omer Asik shot the air ball on a free throw. How does that make you feel, Coach McHale?

— Remember at the beginning of the season when the Nets sucked and we weren’t even sure if Jason Kidd would make it to New Year’s Eve? Those days are a distant memory as Brooklyn sports a 30-12 record since January 1. That’s good for tops in the East and Brooklyn is the proud owner of a 14-game home winning streak. The latest came against the Dwight Howard-less Houston Rockets 106-95. “Iso” Joe Johnson led BK’s effort with 32 points.

— The Nets, currently fifth, stand with an outside shot to move up to as high as third in the conference pending losses to Toronto and Chicago work in their favor.

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