Stephen Jackson’s Donald Sterling Diss Song Is Way Better Than You’d Imagine

05.06.14 4 years ago 10 Comments

Stephen Jackson’s a former NBA champion, 13-year veteran and Ron Artest’s “Malice In The Palace” accomplice, but, more relevant to right now, he’s an aspiring rapper. Since the last team he was a member of was the Clippers, it’s no surprise that Cap’n Jack felt some type of way about all of the recent Donald Sterling news, and felt the need to chime in on the whole affair. Under the his rap pseudonym Stak5, Jackson takes Sterling to task in the most 2014 way possible: a rap song.

“Dear Mr. Sterling I have a speech for you
I had a dream the Klan had a sheet for you
We don’t understand we need an explanation
Is this the Staples Center or a plantation”

As far as athlete’s making music goes, it’s not bad at all. A quick gander at Jack’s Instagram shows that he’s very serious about his music (and his kids), dedicating plenty of time to his craft so this is seemingly more than just an athlete with some money, tons of spare time and a hobby. And if there’s any rapper who probably had grievances to air out with Sterling, Jackson’s as prime a candidate as anyone.

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