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Natasha Quallo x Her Culo Grande

Stephen King Returns To Dark Tower [Gamma Squad]

‘Women’s Viagra’ May Be Coming [Asylum]

The Dexter Makeover Guide: All Blood Everything [Street Level]

New Orleans Gets Wired: David Simon Turns His Sights on the Big Easy [Paste]

Door To Door Weed Sales May Get You In Trouble With Police [Guyism]

This Is What A Test-Screening Audience Looks Like [Film Drunk]

What Makes A Prison State Of The Art? [Slate]

Poll: Most Adults Don’t Want H1N1 Shot [CNN]

Sneak Peek: Married To The Mob Holiday 2009 [Dr. Jay’s]

Is Blockbuster the Next Circuit City? [Fool]

Twenty Five Awesome Pictures of Snowmen [Unreality]

Remember That Time Iron Man Stomped New York City? [Comics Alliance]

How to Apply Cologne [GQ]

Flip’s Next Pocket Cam May Be a Wi-Fi Slider [Gizmodo]

TSS Shirts For $11 [TSS]

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