On Steve Jobs And The Hunger For More

02.24.14 4 years ago 9 Comments

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I am not an Apple fanboy or a Steve Jobs disciple*.

I, however, own an iPod, an iPhone, an iPad and a Macbook but they’re all fairly new acquisitions and firsts for me, besides the iPod.

Those cards on the table, I knew of Jobs, his work and influence long before buying any of the aforementioned items. During my teaching days, we covered a segment on public speaking and one of the pieces of content used was Jobs’ “Stay hungry. Stay foolish” speech given at Stanford’s 2005 commencement ceremonies. The purpose was twofold since Jobs showed himself to be a strong speaker. But, first and foremost, I hoped that the 14-16 year-old students I worked with would soak in just some of Jobs’ words and the message.

As much as I hoped it would affect them, I have to admit today – what would’ve been Jobs’ 59 birthday – that listening to the same speech intently six times annually may have rubbed off on me more than the kids. As much as I wanted them to chase their dreams and believe they were attainable, the more it reminded me to do the same.

No matter what your age or current predicament appears to dictate, never stop chasing after that which you hope to attain and do so knowing that with the risks usually come immeasurable rewards.

* — For what it’s worth, I do subscribe to wearing the same uniform look daily.

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