Stix Izza – “Building The Highway 2 Mars” Trailer

04.27.11 7 years ago 17 Comments

How often have we heard artists recite the cliché “My album is going to be like a movie, dog”? At this point, it’s safe to deposit the phrase into the bag of catchwords to avoid, dulled and devalued by overuse. It’s also part of the reason Nashville artist Stix partnered with Zate Entertainment to help tell his story – and the story of producer Fate Eastwood – to the world at large in full-fledged, theatrical documentary as a complimentary piece to his next drop, The Highway 2 Mars.

I first ran across Stix and his music around November of last year while delving into the scene here, trying to find the local treasures worth holding up for everyone outside the 615 to see. What I found was Bridge To Jupiter, a fairly polished set of material (check “Fear” for reference) from a guy with a vet’s wizened approach that betrays the fact he’s only breaching the edge of his full potential. By chance, we met up a month or so ago and I was able to preview Mars… and my reaction is the next piece to the puzzle – spurred by Fate’s deft ear for sounds and supplemented by the movie – could very well be his Reasonable Doubt.

Aiming high, aren’t I?

Of course, the words seem that way if taken to mean TH2M will catapult Stix to enormous success but that’s not the implication. Instead, the intent is to say the project has ability to be a shared experience between the MC and listeners, one where he lays his autobiography in its rawest form. It could very well be a definitive landmark in what will become his full catalog. A chance to be that one album where people first hear him and use to gauge against everything that follows, both from Stix and other artists battling for position and listeners’ attention.

Anyways, watch the “Building The Highway 2 Mars” trailer below, wait for the tape’s release via Break On A Cloud and catch Stix live in Nashville when he opens for Talib on Cinco de Mayo. In the meanwhile, keep track of his movements via Twitter and Facebook.

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