Campless Just Turned Into StockX, The Complete Stock Market For Kicks

02.10.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

Last year when I heard the news of Dan Gilbert investing in the sneaker pricing website Campless, it raised an eyebrow but only in the slightest. I chalked the move up to an old fogey with too much money trying to think of ways to spend it in a fun way. Now that Campless has evolved into StockX, the initial play makes much more sense.

The tag line for StockX reads “The stock market of things.” But take a closer look beyond the homepage and you’ll find a pretty sophisticated sneaker marketplace that actually favors newcomers to the shoe game. Using Campless’ data for pricing information, buyers can rest easy knowing they’re getting the deal they want based on market activity. Yep, a stock market for sneakers where you don’t have to pay to look at metrics.

StockX stats

“I’ve just always wondered why a stock market of things had not emerged yet on the Internet. You always had a great case for a stock market,” Gilbert told Sole Collector recently. “It’s worked beautifully for the last 200 years in this country, if not longer, and the Internet is a vehicle that takes it to a level where anything can be done that way.” –

Fam never heard of the Great Depression, but he’ll get a pass for this providing Stockx lives up to its potential. Incorporating helpful data into a newly formed sneaker marketplace is undoubtedly useful, but the real attraction that should pull buyers away from the almighty eBay and competitors like Kixify is StockX actually doing the work of verifying the authenticity of kicks before a purchase is even made. Fair prices and less chances of falling into an okie doke trap? Sign Jim Jones up.

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