Stream: Capone-N-Noreaga’s The War Report 2

07.10.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

I’m not gonna lie, when rumors first started swirling about Capone & Nore revisiting Iraq & Kuwait, I was a bit skeptical. I knew that anything was possible after Rae struck lightning in a bottle, but far too much time seemed to have passed for the Queens duo to not embarrass themselves, let alone live up to the standard The War Report set. I’ve got some footage of Capone from back in December, which TC and I laughed off at the time. In it, Capone’s in a drunken stupor, warning us to get ready. Fast forward a few months & the initial leaks didn’t sound half bad.

Anyway, the time has arrived for The War Report 2 hits outlets this coming Tuesday and the duo were kind enough to stream the album from their MySpace page. Luckily the player was embeddable, so if someone looks over your shoulder they won’t think you’re trolling for teenagers or something along those lines. So listen, digest and if you get some semblance of that feeling like you got back in ’97, support your favorite reporters on July 13th.

H/T: 57th Ave

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