NY Strip Club Offers Derek Jeter The Greatest Retirement Gift Ever

07.22.14 3 years ago 7 Comments

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Throughout his Hall of Fame career, Derek Jeter’s been romantically linked to so many women Max Julien would probably give the guy a standing ovation slow cap. And these are the famous ones.

With Jeter’s storied history amongst the opposite sex, a new York City strip club is attempting to place its name in the “Derek Jeter Retirement Tour” on September 7.* Show Palace (located in Queens) is offering The Captain “unlimited lap dances and food and a lifetime free-entry pass to Show Palace as a thank you for his years of service as a New York Yankee.”

Even though he would’ve been let in free anyway, not shabby, Show Palace. Not. Too. Shabby. At. All.

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The love doesn’t stop at No. 2 either. No, no, no. All Yankee employees will receive two free lap dances of their own. And those wearing a Jeter jersey get in free, though anyone does before 10 p.m., but that’s besides the point.

Jeter’s brand managers probably won’t allow him within a 500-foot radius of the club. But it’s great to see so many walks of life in the Big Apple doing their part to pay homage to a guy who’s been arguably the King of New York for 15 years and counting.

Nothing says “you’re appreciated” quite like a free lap dance.

* – The Yankees officially honor Jeter earlier that afternoon.

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