Stripper Attacks Man For Refusing Lap Dance

Life Writer
10.09.13 13 Comments

No doesn’t mean no to a South Carolina stripper accused of attacking a man after he denied her lap dance and called her a “snaggle toothed bitch.”

25-year-old Nicole Maxine Passmore is facing a misdemeanor assault rap after witnesses say the stripper repeatedly punched club patron Ernest Kadlick, 31, in the face on Monday. Kadlick was with friends at Myrtle Beach’s Masters Gentlemen’s Club when Passmore approached the patron and tried to “dance on him” while attempting to snatch money that he placed on the table.

Undeterred by the man’s swerve, Passmore started to perform her lap dance on him when she told Kadlick that he had a “sweet receding hairline.” Kadlick clapped back, “Yeah, and you’re a snaggle toothed bitch!” According to witnesses, that’s when the woman got up and repeatedly punched the club patron in the face before he and his party left the nudie bar and police called.

Upon arrival, an officer noted seeing Kadlick with a “welt coming from the area of left eyebrow.”

Passmore told police that she only punched Kadlick because he pushed her, a claim witnesses did not corroborate.

Passmore was taken to Myrtle Beach jail and then released on bond a short time later.

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