Your Struggle Raps Are Making Kanye Very Sleepy

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05.05.14 54 Comments

kanye west struggle rapper

Because TMZ is omnipresent like God on high, they grabbed this footage of a random fan who sidled up to Kanye as he and Kim were walking to their hotel in NYC. And because everyone’s a rapper these days, the guy decides to YOLO it and kick several bars for ‘Ye since he’s “been working on my s***, trying to get better at it.”

Kim goes into the hotel, Kanye politely stays, enduring the guy’s rhymes. When he’s finally done, the kid asks “How’s it sound now?” Part of me expected Kanye to completely shit on the kid’s dreams. he did not. In fact, Kanye kindly responds in the politest way possible before recusing himself.

I never want to see fans getting too close to artists after Lil B got rocked to sleep a few years ago. While the clip’s playing, I’m always cringing and trying to ready myself for the worst just because you never know. All I hoped for was dude didn’t haul off and sock ‘Ye is his bad jaw from the car accident.

Credit due to Kanye for lending the kid the time and a chance to bend his ear.

Spotted: HHW

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