Stryfe – “Home Town Hero”

12.27.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

In the last few years  depression, corruption and all-around crazy hit no city harder than Detroit. The bright side? Chaos inspires and like ’80s NYC, Detroit has experienced a Hip-Hop renaissance. No city has churned out more talented underground artists, and when intrepid, young journalist LC pens the definitive story of the Dirty D’s downfall, there will be plenty of music to inspire and Stryfe’s “Home Town Hero” can be added to that playlist.

With brimming confidence, Stryfe takes on the mantle of leading the city out of its funk into better times. Desperate guitar riffs provide a reminder of where Stryfe’s coming from, but as his lyrics showcase, he’s not concerned with barriers that stand in his way. Look for more Detroit mojo from Stryfe on next year’s The Last Resort.

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