Stuck On You

01.13.11 7 years ago 29 Comments

At an undetermined point, I started collecting stickers. Unlike sneakers and other crap that I have a lot of, these serve no purpose because I’ll probably never stick them on anything. Instead, I just horde them and occasionally pour them out just to see which ones I have. The whole idea of collecting them wasn’t on purpose, even though I’ve been attracted to the small pieces of adhesive since my middle school days and picking up random ones associated with bike and skateboard companies.

In the present, I usually get handed them to me when I’m at an event or by mail. What the giver doesn’t know is…I do internal cartwheels lol. I absolutely love stickers way more than I do the crappy CDs and all the other free swag that comes with being a top notch curator. Make no mistake, I’ve never paid a shiny nickel for any of these. If they aren’t free, I don’t want them.

Now, I want your stickers. But in an exchange because an even swap ain’t no swindle.

1. You send me yours. Whatever brand, label or affiliation, doesn’t matter. Include a S.A.S.E. with the appropriate amount of paid postage.

P.O. Box 293072
Nashville, TN 37229

2. I’ll send you some TSS stickers, enough so you can stick some and hold the rest. If the postage is skimpy, no deal lol.



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