Stussy Releases Yo! MTV Raps Collection + ‘We Were All Watching’ Documentary

08.12.13 4 years ago 10 Comments

On August 6th, 1988, Yo! MTV Raps debuted on MTV and rap music American culture hasn’t been the same. The legendary show pushed Hip-Hop into homes across the country, first on a weekly then everyday basis. It wasn’t just the music, but all elements of the Hip-Hop, from styles, language, trends, dress and more. By the time the show left the air in ’95, the world wasn’t the same. And to celebrate what the show brought the world, Stussy’s crafted a capsule collection featuring the Yo! logo along with images of key artists. The influential clothing brand also took it a step further by producing a two-part documentary entitled We Were All Watching, directed by Adam Jay Weissman.

“For the Stüssy x Yo! MTV Raps collection, we have selected 10 seminal artists from Yo! MTV Raps’ time on air for a series of t-shirts and fleece pieces available now at Stussy Chapter Stores and US.

“In conjunction with the release of the Stüssy/Yo! MTV Raps collection, Stüssy produced a two-part documentary entitled We Were All Watching. Part 1, “The Importance of Yo! MTV Raps,” takes a look at the history of MTV’s groundbreaking music program, and Part 2, “Fashion in the Golden Age of Hip Hop” examines the trends, styles and influence Hip Hop has had over the years.”


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